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Who are we and what we are offering?

We will find the best caregiver for your children. Based on your family needs we will find:

  1. Nannies
  2. Maternity Nannies
  3. Nanny share
  4. Babysitters
  5. Housekeepers

Caregivers have the great responsibility of supervising children in a way that is healthy and safe.

Services include the following:

  1. Daytime childcare
  2. Emergency / specific occasions childcare
  3. Evening & night childcare
  4. Weekend and / or holiday childcare
  5. Before and after school care

In order to provide the best choice of adequate caregivers all candidates are going through a thorough background check:

  1. Detailed interview with psychologist
  2. Reference check
  3. Psychological testing and assessment
  4. First Aid Course
  5. Health check
  6. -All candidates will have sanitary certificate issued by City Institute of Public Health

  7. Criminal record checks
  8. -Confirmation that there is no criminal proceedings neither criminal investigation issued by First Basic Court


Who are we and what we do

Our main goal is to provide a quality environment for children’s healthy and stimulating development and that is exactly the main work motivation of our team of psychologists.

Our focus is meeting each and every family specific need.

work as a team together with your family because that is the proven way for achieving efficient and effective child care. When we agree on priorities we will find the best way to support needs of today’s modern household.

If a community values its children it must cherish their parents.

John Bowlby


Our vision and mission

Our Vision is to ultimately make people happy and satisfied by creating such community life where families successfully manage their own time and needs.

Happymamma team's mission is focused on improvement of families' and caregivers' quality of lives by helping them to connect with each other reliably and easy.

Our goal is to manage basic human need - to take care of each other, by creating a tie between those who need to be taken care of and those who can fulfill that need in the right way.

Quality is our passion

Our motivation is based on the following:

  1. Every person (family member) needs to have a fraction of time just for oneself
  1. Each family wants to ensure the best possible support for child ongoing development
  2. Reliable caregiver can be entrusted with the process of primary socialization

Smiling faces of beloved family members and their caregivers - nannies, babysitters and housekeepers are our key motivators!


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